How We Can Help:

Community @Campus Life is here to help student residents and local residents alike. We aim to promote community cohesion and understanding as tools that will enable you to overcome and find solutions to most disagreements, tensions and conflicts. This page offers guidance and signposting for the most common issues that arise but you are welcome to reach out to us for further support or to notify us of an ongoing issue. 

We are available via the email or for home visits if you would prefer to discuss issues face-to-face. We hope you will still consult the recommendations below to ensure you are seeking advice or assistance from the correct contacts, who have the power to assist you most effectively with your questions or concerns.

Contact our friendly community team!

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Swansea University and our partners are aware that some students living in the community can cause challenging behaviour for their neighbours. In most cases, a discussion about behaviour between neighbours is enough to solve these problems.  Where problems persist, please get in contact so that we can investigate the problem.

If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason, please email:

Events in the community

Volunteers preparing for a litter pick in the local community

We run regular events to benefit the local community, such as regular litter picks and charity campaigns. We are always looking at ways in which we can improve safety, wellbeing, and quality of life in the community. Here you can see some volunteers preparing for a litter pick in Brynmill! Keep an eye on our events page for future events.

If you have any ideas about how we can co-operate, or if you want to get involved in any of our events, please get in touch!

Being Neighbourly:

The most effective way to solve most community issues is to know your neighbours and communicate in an understanding and neighbourly manner.

Anyone living in a house, whether rented or owned, has the right to live within it and enjoy the property. This enjoyment may include activities that, as a neighbour, you find disruptive, but this does not mean your complaints constitute actions beyond an informal discussion about the issue. By swapping phone numbers, for example, you can open a line of communication for any problems, issues or complaints.

We advise that neighbours speak to each other with empathy and try to envision how they would feel if roles were switched, with the hope, where possible, to resolve issues themselves. However, if this fails the team is available for conflict and tension mediation between neighbours, if needed.

Advice for the most common community issues

Our Community Grant is available to you

Image shows Castle Gardens in Swansea City Centre

If you have an idea on how to improve a local community, you could be eligible for our Community Grant. Discover the easy the application process here.

Volunteer with Discovery

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With a wide range of important projects, Discovery is a great way to give back to the community, visit their website to find out more.