Swansea University is pioneering a new way for the University and local businesses to connect with the community through science. Oriel Science, the UK’s first university-run, research-led science centre, is designed as a place where researchers and the community can converge, and where passers-by can get up close with research.

Oriel Science first showcased its research in the form of a pop-up gallery in a vacant shop in Swansea providing a unique, imaginative space and a hands-on experience for anyone interested in learning about more science.

Swansea University physicist Professor Chris Allton, the Director of Oriel Science, said:

“We wanted to showcase the wonders of science to future generations of STEM researchers in Wales. During its first 100 days of opening, Oriel Science welcomed 17,000 adults and children, many of whom had no previous interaction with the University or its research. This offered overwhelming proof that there is a thirst for scientific knowledge in our community.”

A permanent venue in Swansea’s city centre

To build on this success, the University is launching a permanent Oriel Science venue in Swansea’s city centre. The new Oriel Science centre will offer an inspiring space where young people can engage with world-leading science, research and innovation from the University and from local businesses.

Professor Allton said: “Our new Oriel Science venue will provide an environment where young people can visualise their future careers in science and technology, right here in Wales.”

See our video which showcases our vision.

What can Oriel Science do for your business?

Oriel Science can:

  • Provide your future trained workforce
    Oriel Science inspires students to imagine their future careers, encouraging them in school and onto further study. These students are the talent that will become the region’s skilled workforce. Collaborating with Oriel Science and the University helps guarantee you get trained young people appropriate for your business needs.

  • Connect your company to University innovators, research groups and funding opportunities
    For example, the Oriel Science team put a local manufacturing company in contact with ASTUTE 2020, the £22.7m Swansea University-led project which is enabling innovation in future manufacturing.

  • Improve visibility shopfront for your organisation
    By partnering with us we can boost the exposure of your organisation by providing a presence in a prestigious venue, recognition on the sponsors’ wall, links to your company’s marketing material, information tables and invitations to our signature events and discounted rates to rent event space.*

*benefits vary according to the level of sponsorship

We encourage businesses to join the growing number of supporters who have chosen Oriel Science as their community and educational partner.

Together we can create a place where future generations’ passion for discovery is nurtured and brought alive.

If you would like your business to benefit from involvement with Oriel Science please contact us

To find out more about how to access Swansea University's resources and expertise contact Swansea University’s Business Engagement team

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