How our experts can help you

The issues encountered by partners are many fold and resolving them is what we excel at, helping you focus on, and find solutions to their problems. Our flexibility to help you includes;

  • Access to multi-disciplinary teams that are highly specialised in their fields, 
  • Advice on testing for product and go to market analysis
  • Analysis of specific process and regulatory frameworks,
  • Product verification to help facilitate faster market entry and acceptance,
  • Partnering for funding with you for further research or development projects,
  • Knowledge transfer opportunities embedding relevant expertise within your organisation,
  • Expertise with clinical trials, helping you navigate the process. 
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Contact our Strategic Partnerships Team

Our Strategic Partnerships Team are also on hand to support with:

  • Engagement between academic researchers and external organisations, to build fruitful collaborative research and innovation opportunities,
  • Knowledge transfer between Swansea University and Industry, or other external organisations, through programmes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnership and Smart Partnership applications,

  • Development of long term collaborations and partnerships that enhance University based research

To contact the Strategic Partnerships Team, please contact