Tata Steel has always supported Swansea Univeristy in its both its work and extra-curricular activities.

Over the years Tata Steel has sponsored a number of University science and sporting events. Tata has also loaned some of its archive material to the University which are now available for the wider community to enjoy.

Sponsorship of University Events


Welsh Varsity

Tata Steel was looking to engage more with our student community, given that approximately 90% of their graduate intake each year came from Swansea University.

So in 2018 Tata Steel decided to take part in the Welsh Varsity tournament where they sponsored both the men's and women’s rugby teams, featuring on the jerseys and hoardings, and at post-event hospitalities.

The Welsh Varsity sees teams from across a range of sports compete in 48 fixtures for the coveted welsh varsity shields. It is the second biggest varsity event in the uk behind Oxford and Cambridge and is supported by thousands of students from Swansea University and Cardiff University.

Swansea Science Festival

Swansea Science Festival

In 2018 and 2019 Tata Steel sponsored the Swansea Science Festival.

The Science Festival is an annual event which showcases Swansea University's world-leading research, featuring over 40 exhibits and hands-on science activities, shows, talks and workshops.

Hosting two exhibits, one science related (using VR to take people into one of the blast furnaces) and the other a ‘creative station’ (engaging children through games, arts and crafts), Tata Steel has used the unique platfrom of the festival to take the science from the steel works into the comminity and engage with members of the public, both young and old.

Archive material loaned to Swansea University

Swansea University Archives

In 2013 Tata Steel lent some of its archive material to the University's Richard Burton Archives as part of an ongoing project that aims to promote the history of the Welsh steel industry. 

The collection of materials, which is accessible to the local community, consists of the correspondence of W. F. (Fred) Cartwright, general manager of the Port Talbot Abbey Works from its opening in 1951.

Born in Northamptonshire, Cartwright made his career in the Welsh steel industry, but his reputation extended well beyond Wales with a profile published in The New Scientist in 1959 describing him as 'one of the outstanding engineer-managers in steel'.