Chiara Bertelli

Research assistant, SEACAMS2 
Specialist subjects:
Marine biologist with over 10 years experience of coastal and marine ecological survey work including boat-based and SCUBA surveys.  Interests include seagrass ecology, benthic and fish ID, acoustic monitoring of cetaceans, BRUV and marine conservation, monitoring and management in specific reference to the marine renewable energy sector. Currently studying a part-time PhD looking at environmental drivers of change in seagrass meadows. Also working on a Sky Ocean Rescue seagrass restoration project in partnership with WWF.

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Anouska Mendzil

Anouska Mendzil

Research Assistant, SEACAMS2

Research expertise:
Working across two research fields, coastal engineering and open water, conducting research into environmental impacts of marine renewable energy (MRE) devices, including device noise particularly potential effects on marine mammals. Particular expertise in; cetacean monitoring, UAV's (drone operator), sediment-related heavy metals, sediment transport and storage, floodplain processes and dynamics, geomorphology, flood and coastal risk management, environmental management, GIS and X-Ray Fluorescence. 
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Contact: Anouska Mendzil

Emma-Louise Cole

Research Assistant, SEACAMS2
Research interests: Seabird behaviour and movement ecology. I am currently developing techniques to monitor and investigate the diving behaviour of seabirds and how utilising specific current vectors and tidal patterns can optimise foraging. Knowing how seabird species respond to particular hydrographic features can help us to predict the nature of interactions between diving birds and marine renewable energy installations.

Dr Novella Franconi

Research Assistant, SEACAMS2
Research experience includes movement and behavioural ecology and applied experience in natural resources management; population and invasive species surveys, behavioural observations, capture-mark-recapture and radiotracking, and 5 years experience as Research Project Manager. Recently specialised in database management/curation. Currently developing a relational database for animal biologging data recorded with the Swansea Daily Diary technology.