Project Overview

We want to create a wildlife-friendly coast. Man-made structures like the Mumbles seawall provide little space for nature. The purpose of the Mumbles Sea-Hive project is to research how we can create an eco-friendlier seawall.

Complex surface structures enable diverse marine and coastal species to settle. In this experiment tiles fixed to the seawall have different surface textures. Some have deep grooves and crevices and mimic natural rock surfaces, while others show geometric patterns and are clearly artificial. We created two designs with oyster shells due to their role in promoting biodiversity and acknowledging our local heritage.

We will monitor the colonisation of the tiles with seaweeds, barnacles and other creatures, and test which patterns perform best. The results of the project will inform restoration work of the Mumbles coastal protection.

People working on the sea wall
A shell tile
Working on the wall