Coastal Engineering Team

SEACAMS2 staff within the Coastal Engineering team are based at Bay and Singleton Campuses.


Dr Iain Fairley

Science officer, SEACAMS2
Research expertise:
Assessment of marine energy resources and impact of energy extraction on coastal systems; methodologies for coastal surveying in mega-tidal regions using terrestrial laser scanners and photogrammetric UAVs; modelling of wave resources and impacts of marine energy extraction on sediment dynamics and morphological change.
Anouska pic

Anouska Mendzil

Research Assistant, SEACAMS2
Research expertise:
Working across two research fields, coastal engineering and open water, conducting research into environmental impacts of marine renewable energy (MRE) devices, including device noise particularly potential effects on marine mammals. Particular expertise in; cetacean monitoring, UAV's (drone operator), sediment-related heavy metals, sediment transport and storage, floodplain processes and dynamics, geomorphology, flood and coastal risk management, environmental management, GIS and X-Ray Fluorescence. 
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Contact: Anouska Mendzil

Dr Jose M. Horillo-Caraballo

Science officer, SEACAMS2
Research expertise:
Modelling coastal and estuarine environments with emphasis on sediment transport, water quality, morphodynamics and impacts of climate change on the coast, forecasting long term coastal and estuarine morphodynamics; the reliability of flood defences; statistical analysis of coastal morphology; stochastic modelling of beach systems.