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Russell Bio Solutions

Russell Bio Solutions Logo

Russell Bio Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of natural product-based biofertilizers, biostimulants, and biopesticides in the UK.

Russell IPM

Russell IPM Logo

Russell IPM is a leading developer of integrated pest management (IPM) technologies. We sell pheromones, traps and pest management supply across the globe.

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MGK Logo

MGK develops and markets a broad portfolio of branded insect control products based primarily on natural pyrethrum and man-made technology.


Razbio Logo

Razbio is a biotech company, that aims to deliver natural and safe solutions for agricultural crop production & preventing human, animal & plant diseases.


I2L Logo

I2L Research offers efficacy and ecotoxicology testing for the agricultural, horticultural and professional pest control industries.

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Frontiers Logo

Frontiers is a publisher of scientific articles across more than 1,500 academic disciplines, with a focus on creating solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet.


Koppert Logo

Koppert use natural enemies to combat pests, bumblebees for pollination, microbials, and biostimulants that support, protect, and strengthen crops.


Penderyn Logo

Penderyn is a Welsh whisky distillery and brand, producing the first commercially available whisky made in Wales since the 19th century.