Headshot - Rachid Bouharroud

Rachid Bouharroud

Rachid Bouharroud is an Entomologist and Head of R&D unit at INRA-Morocco (National Institute of Agricultural Research), regional center of Agadir.

His research work is focused on integrated pest management of key pests of tomato, citrus, argan and recently cactus pear and red fruits. His research topics are: biopesticides using plants and bacteria-based extracts, biological control, side effects on non-targets, management of climate inside greenhouse and cultural practices.

The most prestigious award in Morocco, which is the Hassan II Prize for innovation and research in the agricultural field, was obtained in 2021 for selection of resistant cultivars to the carmine cochineal and nominated as a national coordinator of Moroccan research plan related to cactus crops (2021-2024).

As advisor, he supervised 7 PhD students and more than 100 master/undergraduate students from Morocco, Tunisia (ISA Chott-Mariem), Senegal (Univ Thiès), France (Univ Rennes 1), Italy (CIHEAM-Bari) and USA (Univ Minnesota). He’s a part time lecturer at IAV-Hassan II teaching pests of vegetables, fruit trees and IPM, in addition to, field trainings for farmers. He has published 105 peer-reviewed papers (69 Scopus), 6 book chapters and more than 140 conference papers. He managed 6 funded research projects as a principal investigator and team member in 8 other projects.