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The Natural Products BioHUB project is founded on its ambition to have a positive impact on the lives of Swansea residents and the surrounding area through: 

  • Promoting collaboration between business, industry and academia, to develop new and innovative natural products and address local and global, environmental, economic and social issues.   
  • Expanding a growing Natural Product industry within our region, by supporting exisiting and new business start-ups.  
  • Creating more job opportunities and training for local people, to provide a skilled workforce for companies working in the natural product sector 
  • Developing greater awareness of natural products and their potential. 
  • Contributing to a greener future, by supporting environmentally friendly and sustainable business. 
  • Helping to preserve our region's unique biodiversity and ecosystem.  
UN Sustainable development goal
UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 to promote decent work and growing economies
UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
UN Sustainable development goal Climate Action

Our Mission

Collaborating with the community is fundamental to the Natural Products BioHUB project and we are actively engaging with community groups and stakeholders.

We have a long established relationship with the public and our Civic Mission aims to ensure that research directly improves the health and wellbeing of the region and drives economic growth. 

Many projects, including the Natural Products BioHUB initiative, are actively contributing to the success of UN Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to Health and Well Being, Affordable and Clean Energy, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, More Sustainable Cities and Communities and Climate Change.  

Our wide range of Schools, Colleges and Community Outreach activities, and the South West Wales Reaching Wider Partnership, foster relationships with our local community further. We bring our science research to the community through various schemes and events, such as the Swansea Science Festival. 


Science Community Engagement

Community Consultation

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We are already engaging and consulting with a number of community groups and projects to explore ways in which the BioHUB can support their activities. 



Why encourage wider use of Natural Products?

Benefits of natural products are wide ranging and have a positive impact on everyone’s health and wellbeing, as well as the environment.  

  • They are used to treat and prevent disease, 75% of today’s antibiotics are derived from natural products, and offer huge potential for new antibiotic drug development. 
  • Provide an alternative to chemicals – which can be toxic to humans and animals and have a detrimental effect on our environment.
  • Support Environmentally Friendly Agriculture. 
  • Are a sustainable and easily accessible resource. 


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As the project evolves, we endeavour to engage with a wide range of community stakeholders, including local Primary and Secondary Schools, FE Colleges, Community groups, businesses and organisations in order to establish sustainable, long term partnerships. 

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In Partnership with Swansea Council and funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

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