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Further testimonials...

Giovanni Ontiveros (UG)
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"My time in Wales was far better than I could have possibly imagined! I was able to intern at the National assembly for Wales where I was given the opportunity to experience the inner workings of a government institution. Every day I was tasked with something new, from casework to speech writing, and every new task taught me something different and useful. Swansea is a quaint city with a homely vibe, and I met so many nice people with whom I have spent some of the best weeks of my life. "

Giovanni Ontiveros (UG, UT Austin)

Peiquan Lin (PG)

“I really enjoyed the eight weeks I spent at Swansea University. Swansea is a nice city with a charming beach and hospitable people. The internship programme is a great option as it combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. During class I learned about British Politics, the difference between U.S. Politics and British Politics, and the relationship between the UK and EU. My internship was provided by the Public Policy Institute for Wales, PPIW, an independent think-tank that provides services and support to the Welsh Government. This experience has helped me to think about my future career prospects. If you like multiple cultures, if you enjoy working with people from different backgrounds, or if you want to explore a new world, Swansea University may be a great choice to help you find your own way." - Peiquan Lin (PG, Bush School, TAMU)

Garrett Irvin (UG)
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"My experience at Swansea University can best be described as authentic, intimate, and meaningful. The city of Swansea has the perfect size for offering all amenities of a traditional UK city but also the opportunity to meet native students of Wales and the UK. The classes I took were a wonderful change from the ones I traditionally take back at the UT at Austin. The small class environment offered a great deal of discussion and the interconnected dialogue with my lecturer and classmates was truly rewarding. The classes connected very well with my internship and helped contextualize my practical work. My internship with MP Carolyn Harris provided me an inside look into the operations of an elected official who is a genuine representative of those who elected her. This experience has reiterated the importance of seeing all perspectives to matters regarding political decisions, legal matters and policy formation and in regards to my personal career ambitions has strengthened my desire to work for an elected official or governmental department in the future." - Garrett Irvin (UG, UT Austin)

Andrea Martinez (UG)
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"My semester at Swansea University has been the greatest experience of my life. I loved my internship with Swansea City of Sanctuary because I had the opportunity to meet refugees and asylum seekers in the Swansea community and have conversations with them about what changes they would like to see in policies pertaining to them. Working with the NGO made me realize what I actually wanted to do career-wise after graduating university. I can honestly say I have made friends for life during my time in Swansea. I was lucky enough to travel a bit, and being able to experience other cultures was absolutely wonderful."

- Andrea Martinez (UG, UT Austin)