International Studies, Conflict and Security


International Studies, Conflict and Security (ISCAS) covers political theory and philosophy, area studies, international policy studies, international relations, security studies, and war studies.   

ISCAS focuses its expertise to make major contributions to research debates in two principal areas of research:

1) Social science approaches to international policy and area studies 

2) The philosophical and critical study of war, security and conflict 

ISCAS Research is concerned with normative theoretical debates, for example in just war and the ethics of space warfare.  It develops theoretical approaches to research on international policy regimes, and security and war studies applied to both comparative and single country and issue studies.  In conducting new research, ISCAS addresses the AHRC priority to develop language-based area studies and the ESRCpriority for innovative research on security, conflict and justice. At its inter-disciplinary boundaries, work in these areas embraces research in international development studies, international policy studies and substance misuse, international studies and law, gender studies, and childhood studies, as well as war and cultural studies.