Easing financial pressures

At Swansea University, we recognise that many of our students may face financial hardship at some point during their time at university. Supporting Swansea aims to increase the support available in this area, easing the financial pressures brought about by engaging in full time education.

Supporting student hardship can provide crucial support and emergency financial assistance to talented students who find themselves in unexpected financial need through no fault of their own. 

With your generosity, we can make a huge difference to the current generation of students both during their time at Swansea University and in preparing them for a bright future. 

"Without the hardship fund I wouldn't have had anywhere to live"

Bronwen's Story

American Studies student Bronwen has come up against more than her fair share of housing and financial challenges. Forced to move four times whilst studying for her diploma, she was devastated earlier this year when faced with a similar dilemma.

Her story is not unusual.

Facing a housing crisis and unable to secure an overdraft, Bronwen felt she had little option other than to drop out of university. However, having worked hard for her place she was determined to continue her studies and was thrilled to discover the assistance available to her through The Hardship Fund. Supported heavily by donations from alumni, the Fund has allowed Bronwen to focus on her university work and enjoy student life once again.

Despite her challenges, Bronwen has made it her ambition to give back. She is an ambassador for the Reaching Wider Partnership – a widening participation organisation aiming to break down barriers for students from non-traditional backgrounds – and she is currently working with the University to set up a mentoring project to help others in her situation. She is also working as a caller for the University’s current telethon, sharing her story with alumni and offering them the chance to support the Fund.

The Hardship Fund relies on the support of alumni to help students like Bronwen when they need it most. By making a donation, you can change the lives of students and give them a chance to excel.

Meet Bronwen