What is a CAS?

International students applying for a Student Route Visa will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number. This number confirms to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) that you have been accepted to study at a valid UK university. We generate a CAS by inputting all the necessary information into the UK Government Sponsor Management System. It is important that the information we input about you and your course is correct as we cannot change it once your CAS number has been generated by the UKVI (though we can add a Sponsor’s Note in exceptional circumstances). 

Once you have met a number of conditions, including accepting an unconditional offer, we will have the information we need to generate a CAS number for you. You will be sent a CAS statement that will confirm your CAS number as well as further details about your course, fees and the evidence we have used to assess your suitability for the course.

Please note: you do not need to have received your CAS statement before you start preparing for your Student Route visa application. The University’s International@CampusLife team have put together a comprehensive guide to to help and support you with this.

Obtaining your CAS

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my CAS?

Once all of these documents have been received, and your deposit has cleared, the Admissions Office will prepare your CAS statement. Our aim is to issue your CAS statement within 5 working days of the requirements being met. However, we cannot begin working on your CAS statement until all requirements are met, and we may need to contact you for further information. During peak periods a CAS statement can take up to 10 working days to be issued. Therefore, you are encouraged to provide the necessary documents as early as possible.

Remember: you do not need your CAS to start preparing for your Student Route visa application.

Will I receive joint CAS?

We are able to issue a joint CAS for students, covering a single pre-sessional English course and degree course, provided they meet the following eligibility criteria:

Level 1 Pre Sessional (11 Weeks)

  • Minimum overall score of 5.0; and
  • Minimum of 4.5 in one component and 5.0 in the remaining components

Level 2 Pre Sessional (9 Weeks)

  • No more than 0.5 below overall programme requirement; and
  • No component score below 5.0; and
  • No more than two components with a score of 5.0

Level 3 Pre Sessional (6 Weeks)

  • Already met the writing requirement for the programme and are no more than 0.5 below in any other component/overall requirement; or
  • Already met the overall English requirement and are no more than 0.5 below in writing

In addition to the above requirements, applicants must also have met all other requirements for their chosen programme.

What is the deadline?

There is no specific cut-off date for issuing CAS statements. The deadline for submitting documents will depend on the latest enrolment date of your course, as well as the visa processing times.

Visa applications made outside the UK should be processed within 15 working days. Priority and super priority services may also be available in your country. You should contact your visa application centre to confirm availability. More information can be found on the UK Government website.

We strongly encourage you to send the required documents as soon as possible. This is to avoid any delays and give us sufficient time to process your application. Please note that CAS statement can take up to 10 working days from the date that all required documents have been submitted.

How do I apply for my visa?

The University’s International@CampusLife team has trained immigration advisors to help our students. They have produced full and comprehensive guides to help you prepare for your visa application and to assist you through each step of the application process. Alternatively, some students may need to look at the information on Extending your Student Route visa within the UK. You should start preparing for your visa application as early as possible.

Do I need a Secure English Language Test (IELTS for UKVI)?

Students studying below degree level may need to take a government approved Secure English Language Test called an IELTS for UKVI. For more information check our How to Apply pages or our IELTS for UKVI flowchart.

Where can I find more information on ATAS?

You can find more information on ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) on our visa application pages or via the FCO website.

I have a query

If you have any questions on how to receive your CAS statement then please email cas.admissions@swansea.ac.uk.

You can also download our CAS Issuing Policy for more detailed guidance.


Our trained immigration advisors are on hand to help you through the visa application process.

They can also assist with any queries about being an international student in the UK that you might have.