We recommend that you submit your application to our courses as early as you can in advance of our application deadlines. Courses close much earlier than the application deadlines listed below if all available places are filled.

Our courses have application deadlines to provide time between receiving an offer and enrolment for you to make the necessary arrangements to start your course on time, or in some cases to allow time for the selection process where this involves further assessment as required e.g., interviews.

January 2023 Entry Deadlines

Our standard application deadlines are as follows:

Undergraduate Not available 31st October 2022
Postgraduate 16th December 2022 31st October 2022

September 2022 entry deadlines

Our standard application deadlines are as follows:

Undergraduate 10th October 2022 31st August 2022
Postgraduate Taught 23rd September 2022 31st July 2022

Some courses have their own specific application deadlines (please check exceptions below).

Application Deadline Exceptions

The College, Swansea University - If you are applying to an undergraduate or postgraduate pathway delivered by The College, Swansea University please be aware that application deadlines vary and can be found on The College, Swansea University’s Important Dates webpage.