Your guide to moving in to your Swansea home

Students stood overlooking Bay Campus Beach

Preparing to arrive

September Arrivals - 40 & 51 week contracts

Contracts start on 3 different days from Wednesday 21st September, Thursday 22nd September and Friday 23rd September 2022.  This is to ensure a smooth arrival process.  

Please be advised due to extensive maintenance works and conference business you will not be able to arrive in your accommodation before the start date of your contract.

Medical Courses - Nurses, Paramedics, Midwives etc., - 47 Week contracts

For those on courses starting earlier, we will send you tenancies that typically start on the Friday before your course start date.

Arrival Information

We ask that you plan to arrive on the start date of your contract. We will be in touch via email with you before you arrive in Swansea to confirm the details of your arrival and how to arrive on campus safely without any hassle. There are some things to consider before you move in to ensure you are as prepared as possible, including how you plan to decorate your room on a student friendly budget!

Students arriving more than 3 days after the contract start date, must submit a Delayed Arrival Request.

Moving in

We hope you are excited to shortly be moving to your Swansea accommodation. To help make the process as smooth as possible, we have compiled some information to help you prepare for moving in.

What to take to University