How much does accommodation cost?

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Accommodation fees depend on the type of room you have. We have a very wide variety of accommodation, and so the fees are varied too.

Fees are calculated using a number of factors including room size (larger rooms are, on average, an additional £5-£6 per week) whether you have shared or en-suite bathroom facilities, are self-catered or provide pre-paid dining options.

Your accommodation fees also include all utilities, internet and room insurance.

Accommodation Fees 2023/2024

Bay Campus
Room TypePer Person Per Week 40 Weeks
Medium En-suite £177.00 £7,080.00
Premium En-suite £183.00 £7,320.00
Twin En-suite £135.00 per person £5,400.00 per person
1 Bed Flat £222.00 £8,880.00
1 Room in 2 Bed £163.00 per person £6,520.00 per person
Beck House Singleton Park Campus Seren true Student

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