How can we help?

If you’re looking for help to develop Welsh language skills for your workplace, we can offer comprehensive advice to help you plan a suitable training programme. The training will be delivered at your workplace.

The Welsh government is currently introducing new Welsh language standards; these have replaced the Welsh language schemes. Public organisations and some private and third sector organisations will have to comply with these standards; workplaces will have to provide Welsh language training for their staff, we are here to help you with this.

We offer a variety of workplace Welsh courses at different levels which are:

  • Tailored to the needs of your workplace
  • Arranged at a time convenient to you
  • Delivered at your workplace
  • Offered at a very reasonable rate
  • Catered for any size group large or small and even training for individuals
  • Taught by tutors who are highly trained, experienced and dedicated

Giving your workforce the chance to learn Welsh creates goodwill amongst your staff; it will also make you more competitive as a business. Having a bilingual workforce enables you to:

  • Have a competitive advantage
  • Receive goodwill and loyalty from customers
  • Improve quality of service
  • Grow and gain more customers

For further information, contact Emyr Jones, Development Officer

Welsh at Swansea University – Beginner class (and beyond!)

This Summer, we’re offering Swansea University staff the opportunity to join a free Welsh course which aims to support academic, administrative and support staff to learn Welsh.  The scheme is funded through the National Centre for Learning Welsh and facilitated by both Swansea University and the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and is set to run for its fourth consecutive year.

Delivered by the Learn Welsh Swansea Bay Region team, classes will be delivered on Zoom – at least until we are able to consider resuming face-to-face teaching safely. Interested staff should ideally arrange with their line managers to be released for 2 hours per week for the on-line live classroom sessions and allow for an additional 2 hours of independent online study per week for a period of some 30 weeks (between April 2021 and March 2022).

We hope to run two Mynediad Classes, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, 12-2, OR 2-4pm - there is some flexibility with regards to timing depending on your needs.

This year, the scheme offers an exciting new development…

Entry level learners who perhaps are unable to commit to the regular weekly time-slot for the class are able to study independently on-line, aided by regular tutor support. (It won’t be as ideal or as much fun as attending a regular class, but it does offer a great opportunity to learn nonetheless)

If you’re interested, and would like to take advantage of these opportunities at beginner level, email Emyr Jones, Development Officer at Academi Hywel Teifi as soon as possible to reserve a place.  

Additional opportunities

The scheme also offers intensive continuation courses on Foundation, Intermediate and Higher levels, again aiming to complete a whole learning level within a year.

If you have already started learning Welsh, or are a Welsh-speaker wishing to brush up on skills, such as grammar and writing, you could join one of the higher level courses.  Classes will probably run on the following times:

  • Foundation – Tuesday 2-4
  • Intermediate – Monday 1:30-3:30
  • and Higher – Tuesday 12-2 &  2-4

For more information, or to register your interest, please get in touch -

About the Scheme

This scheme, as well as others delivered by Learn Welsh Swansea Bay Region, supports the University’s strategic aims by:

  • boosting Welsh-language skills of university staff;
  • expanding Welsh-language provision;
  • enhancing experiences for students and stakeholders alike, and
  • promoting and celebrating the use of Welsh in the workplace.

Some of your colleagues have already taken advantage of this scheme over the past three years – Here’s what they have to say:

“…a great way to get to grips with the language as part of a larger group”

“the courses are well structured … lots of interaction and questions and a good sense of camaraderie”

“the course has helped me to translate social media content I create for my department … and given me confidence to start talking to my wife in Welsh at home too”

“Studying Welsh online has given me the confidence to start communicating yn Gymraeg (‘in Welsh’) with colleagues via email. While we’re not together in person right now, the course has given me the opportunity to pursue my Welsh language goals and to start having basic conversations that I could only hope to achieve last year. I can’t recommend it enough.”

“The course has fine-tuned my language, enabling me to feel more comfortable and confident to use Welsh officially including written communication.”  (Welsh speaker)

We look forward to helping more University Staff enjoying learning Welsh and using their Welsh in the workplace.