Staying Safe and Secure at Swansea University

Your Safety and Security is Our Priority

Swansea University is a safe and secure campus community. We employ a team of health and safety and security professionals to help us ensure our campuses provide a safe and secure environment in which world-class learning and research can flourish.

Below you can find out more about health and safety and security on campus.

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Continuous Improvement

We are committed to working in partnership with University students and staff to continuously develop our service and our staff who, at a minimum, undertake considerable customer service training, as well as training in first aid, mental health first aid, suicide intervention training and emergency evacuation of mobility impaired individuals.

Tools, Equipment and Resources

To support us in carrying out our duties, we make use of a range of tools, technology and equipment such as CCTV, intruder detection and access control systems. We are a uniformed service. Our uniform acts as a significant, yet cost-effective crime deterrent and also makes us easily identifiable to the community we serve, as well as partners in the emergency services – vital in emergency situations as we operate under joint protocols with local emergency services.