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Commercial Activites


The Centre's commitment to the industrial implementation of research findings has earned the Centre recognition as a Centre of Excellence for Technology and Industrial Collaboration (CETIC). This Welsh Assembly Government scheme, has the key aims of promoting Wales as an area of research excellence and stimulating an increase in the economy through the support of industry.

The Centre acts as a major technology resource for companies in our technology areas – a resource for: expertise, knowledge, advanced instrumentation, specialised training and short/medium/long term research, technology development and process investigations.

The Centre works with industry

  • on an international basis
  • on long term strategic problems
  • on focused process development
  • on short term problem solving
  • by providing advanced professional courses

Complex fluids processing has been a major research area at Swansea for many years and the resulting expertise is at your disposal.

This section contains a collection of representative case studies of commercial projects which the Centre has conducted for industrial clients.