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The Centre for Complex Fluids Processing has state-of-the-art laboratories housing cutting-edge facilities for use in both research and commercial projects for industry.

Equipment includes a new biotechnology pilot plant, pilot-scale membrane filtration equipment (micro- to nano-filtration) and reverse osmosis.

2 UHV Omicron Nanotechnology SPMs (1 STM/AFM, 1 STM/ESCA and 1 STM/SEM), 5 Vecco AFMs (2 explorers, 1 Nanoman and 1 Picoforce), 2 Vecco SNOMs (Aurora II and III) and 5 desktop SPM systems. Many of these systems have been adapted for a variety of environments and novel applications, for example the in situ growth of organic and inorganic material.

The combination of AFM with highspeed photography (5ns intervals) allows the study of cavitation in fluids.

In addition, a variety of spectroscopic techniques are available, XPS, AES, confocal RAMAN, mass spectrometry, ICP spectroscopy and photo correlation spectroscopy for particle sizing down to 1nm.

Further techniques include laser diffraction particle sizing, free solution electrophoresis BET and gas porosimetry, microcalorimetry, a comprehensive range of rheometers, gas liquid chromatography and HPLC.

Other equipment includes a fully-equipped cleanroom for device fabrication, Theoretical modelling of quantum properties of nano-structures, cavitation in fluids and process control also support the research.

The Centre has access to a plethora of techniques and facilities throughout Wales with our partners in the Complex Fluids and Flows Portfolio Partnership and the Pan-Wales Nanotechnology initiative that the Centre co-ordinates.